Soupa   $14

Chef’s seasonal soup

Pikilia (dips  ) $28 five spread choices or $14 each

Assortment of spreads- tzatziki, taramasalata,  melitzanosalata, htipiti, skordalia, served with pita or add $4 for side of vegetables

Saganaki    $19

Flambéed with 7* Metaxa brandy, lightly fried Greek graviera cheese, lemon vinaigrette

Spanakopita     $16

Traditional spinach pie, barrel-aged feta, tomato sauce, mint evoo

Kolokitho-Keftedes     $19

Crispy zucchini fritters, graviera &  feta cheese, mint evoo, tzatziki dip

Keftedes      $19

Ground sirloin meatballs with  feta cheese  & parsley cooked in tomato & basil sauce

Psites Sardeles       $19

Grilled Mediterranean fresh sardines, fresh lemon & herbs

Kalamari     $18

Grilled with ladolemono sauce or crispy with lemon caper aioli

Octapodi    $29

Sushi-quality grilled Mediterranean octopus, fennel, Spring onions, roasted red peppers, sweet balsamic emulsion

Psaro-Kroketes    $25

Salmon, octopus, calamari & fresh catch fish of the day, served with caper aioli sauce

Garides Skaras     $25

Grillled tiger shrimp, parsley citrus vinaigrette

Plevrakia      $24

Roasted lamb riblets, lemon sauce, Greek mountain grown oregano

Kavouro-Keftedes    $34

Two Maryland jumbo lump crab cakes, lemon caper aioli



Chicken Breast    (add $9)
Shrimp    (add $14)
Salmon     (add $11)
Grilled Octopus    (add $16)
Grilled Kalamari   (add $9)

Horiatiki        $21

Beefsteak tomatoes, Kalamata olives, Spring  onions, cucumbers, tri-color peppers, barrel-aged feta, fresh Mount Taygetos oregano, evoo

Katsikisia      $18

Spring mix, dill & garlic goat cheese, walnuts, dried cranberries, dried figs, balsamic vinaigrette

Salata Kipou      $16

Baby arugula, fine julienne carrots, mixed  peppers, Brussels sprouts, haricot vert,  tri-color cauliflower, light lemon garlic dressing



Gigandes      $11

Vegetable risotto      $12

Fresh cut oregano fries      $9

Roasted lemon potatoes     $10

Grilled jumbo asparagus & shaved  graviera cheese      $11

Brussels sprouts sautéed with cured bacon, flambéed with white wine sauce   $12

Fingerling potatoes     $10

Creamy spinach with parmesan & barrel-aged feta cheese     $11

Freska Psaria

Fresh Whole Fish

priced per pound

A selection of the freshest fish is flown in daily from Mediterranean waters.
Grilled to perfection. One pound per person is recommended. Our chef de-bones your fish unless otherwise instructed, but there are always some leftover bones in the fish.
Please allow us some time for larger sizes.

Lavraki      $35

Imported, Greek Islands, lean fish,  mild & moist tender flakes

Fagri       $46

Imported, Greek Islands, firm, mild white snapper

Tsipoura     $36

Imported, Greek Islands, Royal Dorado, mild flavor, firm flakes

Sinagrida     $45

Atlantic Ocean red snapper, moist & lean fish, distinctive sweet flavor

Black Sea Bass       $43

Mid-Atlantic Ocean wild bass, mild & flaky texture

Dover Sole      $56

Imported, Holland, mildly sweet flavor, buttery, small tender flakes

King Shrimp      M/P

Imported, South African,head-on prawns

Main Courses

Psari Imeras     $35

Fresh catch of the day, chef’s special preparation

Garides Santorini     $41

Tiger shrimp in Santorini style cooked linguine pasta, fresh tomato broth with Greek feta, spiced with oregano & parsley

Solomos      $36

Pan seared salmon on top of zucchini pappardelle sautéed with wild mushrooms, served with red pepper coulis

Tonos     $45

Crusted in fine herbs sushi quality tuna, fingerling potatoes, Brussel sprouts, avocado mousse, soy cider vinaigrette

Mousakas      $35

Sautéed ground beef, roasted zucchinis & eggplants, Idaho potatoes, feta cheese béchamel sauce

Makaronia Tis Giagias     $28

Grandma’s linguine pasta in traditional Greek meat sauce

Bifteki Arni    $23

Ground lamb burger, rosemary served in pita with Ammos oregano fries & tzatziki sauce

Kotopoulo     $34

Roasted organic half cut chicken marinated in fresh lemon & fine herbs, served with Sautéed Brussels sprouts & wild mushrooms, lemon potatoes

Paidakia     $50

Grilled rack of lamb over traditional gigandes, giant baked beans cooked in tomato sauce with Spring onions, dill &sprinkled with feta cheese crumbs

Brizola    $55

24oz Bone-in Ribeye Steak, fine herbed compound butter served with lemon potatoes

Lahanika Skaras      $24

Grilled eggplant, zucchini, vine tomato, Vidalia onion & jumbo asparagus, almond garlic purée

Rizi Vegetarian        $31

Arborio rice sautéed with a mix wild mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, diced peppers, infused with truffle oil

Makaronia Tou Kipou       $28

Penne pasta with pesto sauce