Spring 2018 at AmmosNewYork THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

A Peachy’s Pick Since 2011 and Best Greek Restaurant in Manhattan, Ammos Estiatorio by Dimitris Nakos Spring 2018 @AmmosNewYork #PeachysPicks @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan #WhomYouKnow

Ammos Estiatorio Hosts a Smashing Wine Art Estate Dinner Sunday March 4,1018

Akis Papadopoulos, Wine Art Estate Owner and Chemist; Peachy Deegan, Dimitris Nakos, Owner of Ammos; Nikolaos Nichoritis, CEO of Cava Oinos

TOP PEACHY’S PICKS 2018 by Peachy Deegan featured FEB 22,1018

In Chronological Order According to When Peachy’s Picks was Achieved. The year reflects the year the restaurant joined Peachy’s Picks. Of course if you see a restaurant owner’s picture more than once, it reflects that they own more than one successful restaurant.


Best Greek Restaurant in Manhattan by Peachy Deegan featured FEB 2,1018

Outside it may be cold, dark, windy and dreary, but if you pick the right venues to dine at like Ammos, a Peachy’s Pick since 2011 and Best Greek Restaurant in Manhattan according to Whom You Know, dinner is a delicious beacon of light.


A Peachy’s Pick Since 2011, Ammos Summer 2017 by Peachy Deegan featured AUG 9,2017

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It’s time to go greek, Manhattan! by Peachy Deegan featured MAY 18,2011

And the best way to do that is to have dinner at Ammos, conveniently located near Grand Central for our Connecticut readers!  Oooh you know who thinks Connecticut is the best state.