• Makaronia Tou Kipou

    $26.00 plus taxes
    Penne pasta with pesto sauce
  • Rizi Vegeterian

    $22.00 plus taxes
    Arborio rice sautéed with a mix wild mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, diced peppers, infused with truffle oil
  • Brizola

    $41.00 plus taxes
    24oz Bone-in Ribeye Steak, fine herbed compound butter served with lemon potatoes
  • Kotopoulo

    $32.00 plus taxes
    Roasted organic half cut chicken marinated in fresh lemon & fine herbs, served with Sautéed Brussels sprouts & wild mushrooms, lemon potatoes
  • Bifteki Arni

    $21.00 plus taxes
    Ground lamb burger, rosemary served with Ammos oregano fries
  • Paidakia

    $42.00 plus taxes
    Grilled rack of lamb over traditional gigandes, giant baked beans cooked in tomato sauce with Spring onions, parsley & feta cheesee
  • Mousakas

    $29.00 plus taxes
    Sautéed ground beef, roasted zucchinis  & eggplants, potatoes,  feta cheese béchamel sauce
  • Lahanika Skaras

    $19.00 plus taxes
    Grilled eggplant, zucchini, vine tomato, Vidalia onion & jumbo asparagus, almond garlic purée
  • Makaronia Tis Giagias

    $26.00 plus taxes
    Grandma’s linguine pasta in traditional Greek meat sauce
  • Solomos

    $32.00 plus taxes
    Pan seared salmon on top of zucchini pappardelle sautéed with wild mushrooms, served with red pepper coulis
  • Garides Santorini

    $34.00 plus taxes
    Tiger shrimp in Santorini style cooked linguine pasta, fresh tomato broth with Greek feta, spiced with oregano & parsley

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