Merlot, Cliviano, Marchese Adorno, Italy 2013


The name “Cliviano” is derived from the term Clivio, namely slope or hillside. It demonstrates the winery´s desire to create a wine of distinctive personality, where through careful use, the oak doesn´t dominate, but highlights the purity of the fruit from these noble Bordeaux and autoctonous grape varieties.


The vineyard of Merlot comprises plantings started in 1996, at a density of more than 5,000 vines per hectare. It is situated in the localities of “Il Bosco”, “Fornace”, “Costa del Sole” and “Il Gallo”, ali identifiable on historical records of the commune of Retorbido. The harvest is done by hand, with rigorous selection, so that only the best grapes are delivered to the winery.


The three grape varieties have different ripening times and therefore are vinified separately. The vinification is carried out in the traditional manner with a long maceration, interspersed with “rack and return” of the juice at regular intervals. The three varieties are then blended and undergo the malolactic fermentation. Afterwards, the wine then goes into barrique for a period where it is racked several times from the coarse sediment to avoid the need for filtration. It is bottled 10 months after the harvest, and then spends a further six months in bottle before its commercial release.

Tasting note and Serving Recommendations

Colour: ruby red with violet reflections. Nose: complex aromas of cherries and woodland berries, with appealing notes of balsam and spice. The palate is very elegant, with complex structure supported by a backbone of supple tannins. Best served at around 18°C, this wine is the ideal accompaniment to red meat and fine poultry. It would also be a good match with medium matured cheeses.