Cabernet Sauvignon & Liminio Tsantali, Agioritiko, Abaton, Halkidiki 2007

Tsantali_400x600_AgioritikoAbaton TASTING NOTES
Deep red color with great intensity. Bold aromas of small dark fruits, spices and vanilla on the nose. In the mouth dry, with well-structured tannins and a full body. Complex aromas of aging, coffee and bitter chocolate accompany the fruity and spicy character. Aftertaste is long, complex and impressive.THE VINEYARD
The mystic vineyard of Mount Athos is blessed by a unique microclimate, safeguarded by a natural shield of sea and mountain at an altitude of 250 meters. The sea abates the high summer temperatures and at the same time offers the necessary evening moisture to the vineyard soil. The evening temperature is kept low by the mountain freshness; this hinders the onset of the sugar breakdown cycle and facilitates a better maturation process. Organically grown Cabernet Sauvignon and Limnio from elevated vineyards with a low yield. The grapes are of superior quality with intense aromas and fruit concentration. Each variety is cultivated in separate hillside blogs.THE WINEMAKING
Harvest: Handpicked in mid September
Vinification techniques: Traditional red vinification in open wooden vats (50 hl) -this traditional “Mount Athos Vinification Technique” supplies the grape must with enough oxygen for fermentation and imparts a rich aroma and smooth taste that is enhanced by ageing. Extended maceration for approx. 18 days during and after fermentation. Malolactic fermentation in well-toasted small oak barrels.
Ageing: The wine stays in French (Allier) new oak (first fill) for 12 months and continues to evolve its character in the bottle. A wine with great ageing potential.