Agiorgitiko, Katogi Strofilia, Nemea 2010

Serving Suggestions
All the dishes which stir a desire for a fine red wine.
A dry red wine, full-bodied and balanced. Aromas of ripe red fruits, with firmly stated notes of wild cherry, blend harmoniously with aromas of clove, vanilla and spices, bringing out a composite aromatic bouquet. It is marked by its rich complex taste and its exceptionally elegant structure.
Red wine vinification with long maceration of four weeks. During the first week, the temperature remains below 20º C, and then rises to 30º C. The new wine undergoes malolactic fermentation in oak barrels, where it remains and matures for at least 12 months.
Other Characteristics
Varieties Agiorgitiko
Region Vineyards in the mountain region of Nemea, in the Communes of Asprokambos and Psari
Vintage Middle of October