Gaia Estate, Peleponessos,Greece,2012


 14-18H Agiorgitiko grapes from the upland vineyards of Asprokambos of Nemea, at an altitude of 800m,are gathered, crushed and kept in chilled tanks for 14 to 18 hours at 10οC. The white must stays in contact with its grape skins developing its superb rosé colour and characteristic aroma of this multifaceted variety.A particularly attractive deep rosé color, a fruity aroma with strong hints of cherry and gooseberry, typical of Agiorgitiko, and light, refreshing flavours characterize the wine. Enjoy it with salt-baked foods, white meat, pizza without garlic, and cold plates. It is particularly charming when combined with Chinese and Southeast Asian dishes. As most rosé wines, it demands white codes of conduct and is best served at around 8ο-10ο C.