Argatia, Rodochori, Macedonia, 2012 

ArgatiaWhite  Planting Density: 3000-3300 plants/Hectare (depending on variety ) Varieties: Malagouzia (45%) , Assyrtiko (45%) , Athiri (10%) Soil: Neutral, sandy clayDrip irrigation: 400 m3/HaHarvest: Beginning of SeptemberYield: 3 Kg/plant

Vinification Method: Skin contact at 12-14oC for 6 hours, controlled alcoholic

fermentation in stainless steel tanks with temperature control.

Analytical caracteristics of wine: 13,7% vol, acidity 6 g/l, pH 3,20

Tasting notes: Yellow fruit with herbs and spices, as well as mineral notes.

Full-bodied wine, well balanced with a long finish.