Domaine Evharis, Surlie, Geraneia mtns,Korinthos, 2012

KtimaEfharis_SurLies  Alcohol fermentation takes place in double-walled, stainless steel tanks at a fully controlled temperature of 16°C.
The wine matures with his muds for around 8 months. It follows cooled, filtered and bottled on site at Domaine Evharis.

The grapes are handpicked and brought to the winery in small plastic crates. Following careful sorting of the grapes, they are fed into the destemmer where the stems are separated from the grapes.After this they are fed into state-of-the-art pneumatic press where they are gently pressed at low pressures. This is followed by debourbage and then after 16 hours the must, which has cleared naturally, is collected. No pumps are used during processing of the grapes.


Best Served with: Sea food, roasted fishes, pasta and white cheese.
Taste: A golden hue with a refined bouquet of grapefruit and exotic fruit combination, unctuous, with a full body and rich, lingering aftertaste.

Varieties Assyrtiko 100%
Vintage 2009
Alcohol Volume 13,4 % vol
Acidity 6,2 gr / lt
Vinification – Ageing 3 gr/ lt
Annual Production 6000 Decanter
Served at 9-10 °c