Barolo, Cascina Del Monastero, Biodynamic, Piemonte, Italy 2009


This lustrous product of the “Annunziata” hill is rich, elegant and refined: just the first in a long list of adjectives that could be used to describe all the virtues of this wine which spends over 3 years in the cellar in small-medium oak barrels before its release. The finished product is a marvellously bright garnet red with orangey hues (typical of ageing).
Floral fragrances including roses and violets stand out on its rich, varied bouquet, offset here and there by slightly spicy overtones. Its decidedly powerful, full-bodied taste immediately shows just the right mix of acidity and tannins, while more patient palates will enjoy its rich, dry, velvety finish dominated by almonds. It is best served with strong flavours: roast and braised meats, and game in general, and is a fantastic match for risottos, especially when seasoned with truffle.