Chardonnay Blend Claudia Papayianni,Claudia, Chalkidiki 2013

Wine Type:
Dry white
Wine category:
Protected Geographical Indication Chalkidiki. From Grapes of Organic Farming in Conversion.
Grape Variety:
 Chardonnay ,Malagouzia  & Assyrtico
650m & 350m
Ecosystem, soil:
Clay (argil)
For Chardonnay, pre-fermentation and cryo-extracted, controlled alcoholic fermentation. De-fermentation and short ageing ( 3 months ) in 225 lit French and American oak barrels while stirring the lees and sediment (batonnage). For Assyrtiko and Malagouzia, pre-fermentation and cryo-extracted in special oval tanks for 24 hours at 100c. Further on, the entire grape pulp undergoes careful pressing in a vacuum press and a strict static sedimentation under refrigeration. Afterward, a controlled alcoholic fermentaion takes place at low temperatures (12,50-140c). Followed by ageing on the wine lees for at least 3 months (sur lies) and sediment (batonnage).
Barrel used:
For 3 months.
Tasting comments:
Luminous greenish-yellow colour with gold tints. Impressive and complex flower ahd fruit bouquet with discrete ageing aromas. The careful selection of grapes, the grape varieties and the storage in oak barrels offer a generous and rich taste with a long, aromatic, unique aftertaste.
Storage suggestions:
Store in dark, clear and cool place
Serving Suggestions:
At 10-120 C