Spiropoulos, Mantinia,Organic,2013


The complex Moschofilero grape calls attention to its elegant and more distinctive dimension in Domaine Spiropoulos – Mantinia. Produced exclusively from selected organically grown grapes from the family-owned vineyards in the upland region of Mantinia. With roses, lemon-blossom and bergamot aromas which peak on the palate, and slightly acidy and refreshing flavor.

Alcohol content (%vol) 12 % vol
Residual sugar (gr/lt) 0.71 gr/lt
Acidity (gr/lt tartaric acid) 6.15 gr/lt
Ph 3.02
Volatile Acidity (gr/lt acetic acid) 0.12 gr/lt
Total SO2 (mgr/lt) 105 mgr/lt
Free SO2 (mgr/lt) 30 mgr/lt