Malagouzia/Viognier Thyrsus, Oenogenesis, Drama  2012

God of wine, Dionysus, was born on the slopes of Mount Pangeo, where the vine was celebrated as a living god and where the grapes for this wine originate. The Dionysian mysteries, an evolutionary rite that honored him, had thyrsus as their ultimate symbol, a fennel wrapped in ivy, with a pine-cone at its top.


• Grape Varieties: Malagousia 60% – Viognier 40%

• Appellation: Protected Geographical Indication Macedonia

• ALC12.5% BY VOL

Thyrsus white is as revelatory an experience as Dionysian mysteries, with a crystal bright color, aromas stemming from both grapes, such as acacia flower, pear, white-flesh peach, violet and tropical fruits, with a full body and a rich and long aftertaste. Pair with white meats, seafood, fish, risotto and exotic dishes, at 52F.